Ugochukwu Chukwu is a renowned Learning, Futurist, Philosopher and edtech consultant with years of experience in counseling, tutoring, speaking and training.

Ùgòchúkwú Chúkwú is an experienced learning coach, a trained Philosopher and futurist. He graduated with Summa Cum Laude from the Pontifical Urban University in Rome Italy. He equally has experience in neurobiology from the University of Chicago.

As singularity draws near, I founded Virtual Learning to evolve the way humans learn and democratize education for people across the globe. Currently, am the Director of TAFFD’s Inc., Future Discussions Podcast, and their Ambassador to Nigeria.

I am passionate about helping people learn how to learn using the scientific principles of learning.

I make people’s life easier by helping them think through issues of life in a simpler way so that they can make better decisions.

As a learning coach my job is to help you to learn how to learn yourself into or out of anything in life.

I founded Future Discussions platform in 2018, an online discussion forum on the future of human spices. I am equally the co-founder of Researchville, an online data analytics company that is concerned with research and providing data driven solutions to communal and global problems.

I has hosted Future Discussions Podcast that featured renowned industry experts, futurists and technologists, like Aubrey de Gray, Max More, Thomas Frey and Rebecca.

I equally hosted the Inspiration Digest Podcast that is focused on helping listeners blend modern with inspiration from natural laws to design, build, learn and create.

"Augustus is a futurist thinker with crazy ideas. As a resourceful strategist, he is always available to discuss ANYTHING that will better the lives of humanity.."

- Osinakachi Akuma Kalu, Founder TAFFDS Inc

" A futuristic philosopher whose creative magnificence as well as productive eminence people struggle to match. A learning coach and an educational technological expert. A podcast host whose show is exceptionally influential and extremely prodigious. And most importantly, a creator."

- Ugochukwu Aloh, TAFFDS Inc General Secretary

"Augustus Chukwu is the perfect description of a true and solid friend. He’s been a lifter in so many areas of my life. Hearing him talk is enough to drive you to action, have him in your reference group and consider yourself blessed. Therefore, I am so blessed to have his friendship.. "

Chinaza Maudline Mbonu, Co-Founder VirtuaLearning

"Augustus Chukwu is an icon and a blessing to our world and our epoch ...Your value is exceptional and you're a phenomenal protege."

- Ugochukwu Omeogu, CVL Merignos Consulting and Mentoring